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Brownsville Collegiate Fifth Graders . . .

Thank you, darlings, for testing my mindfulness training (and patience) to a degree I forgot was possible!

Outdoor yoga session + blustery frenetic winds + mats flying everywhere + ten year old energies + I don’ t know any of their names + more kids than mats + no supervision + my voice not containing an internal bull horn = EPIC FAIL of an hour.

When I’ve worked with large groups of kids in a yoga class before, I’ve had time to build trust and respect, to develop behavior techniques, to whet their interest in yoga as a practice that serves their health and happiness.  But yesterday was all about gettin’ your cojones out, no time for any of that other stuff.  And, to be honest,  I have a hard time navigating teaching yoga with cojones swinging in the spring time gust (wonderful imagery, I know!).

So I observed that, didn’t judge it, let it go, learned a lesson, and visualized a more successful next time.  Which is tomorrow.  Dear Jah, help me!


Yoga with the Kiddos

Subbing a few classes at Beginning With Children Charter School today, I’m reminded of how versatile yoga is – and how incredibly difficult holding a disciplined class can be, especially when you’re a lowly sub, with no clue about names, school culture, or discipline tricks on the scene!  I thought teaching a few classes might fill me with child-like delight … instead, it filled me with gratitude.  Gratitude for my wonderful adult classes!  🙂

But we did have fun . . . once we got into the swing of things!

We performed kid-friendly versions of Sun Salutations – I had two (rather large) groups of 5-6 year olds and 9-12 year olds, so the approach had to be adjusted for coolness vs. fun factor.  “Hello Sun!  Hello Earth!  Hello Cobra!  Hello Child!  Hello Dog!”  The kids were so accustomed to this version, my trusty (if only for a few moments) assistants led the entire class.  And thank jah for that – my voice box just isn’t used to all the high volume instruction anymore.

(Now that I think of it, next time I teach a kids class, I’ll have to bring in this little pranayam gem from Sesame Street!)

We pretended to be water then raced across the room in tree and reverse table.  Until – aaaaaaahhhhh – we were set for some seated chillout time: lion breath, butterflies, toe touching, watching the breath, an imaginary walk on the beach, and a silence competition.  It may have been impossible to keep all the young ‘uns engaged at once, but the ones who were with us had a blast.

Here are a few great resources for kids yoga, in case you have a hankering to share some of your own . . .

From Anmol Mehta

From LiveStrong

Straight outta the UK (of course, these filmed sessions won’t help with discipline, but some great ideas all the same)

Sesame Street Teaching Belly Breath!

Hahaha~~~ Of *course* Sesame Street teaches yoga!

This video right here made my day (and it’ll make yours too, especially if you work with or have any kids that suffer from the occasional “inner monster” that needs a chillin’ out!)

With Common, Elmo, and Colbie Callait . . .



If Sesame Street is doing it (as well as hundred of schools in India, Northern Europe and Canada) … shouldn’t we start thinking about having more yoga in schools?