Big transitions a gwaan.  It only seems right to sum things up in weekly doses for the next month or so, just to keep time plentiful.  If this style seems a bit banal, my apologies; but I’ll definitely do my best to keep posting interesting/inspirational/useful/humorous tid bits, even if they’re in list formation!


How I love good old reliable yoga classes on DVD.  I know there are a few excellent online streaming yoga sites out there, and most of them are affordable and very high quality.  My travels, however, took me to a few places where streaming online just wasn’t an option, so DVDs were my only external teachers.  One of my favorites is the Richard Freeman Ashtanga Primary and Intermediate DVDs – and I practiced to the former to start my week out proper.  Sweet, sweet yoga DVDs.  Convenient, free and so reliable 😉


Vino rouge!  After a long day of packing and sorting out logistics, I had to appreciate the calming effects of a glass of merlot.  Wanna read about the health benefits of this drink of kings?  Check out what the  Mayo Clinic has to say here.


You know when you just need to be in the ocean?  Today I took a jaunt out to Coney Island, home of the NY Aquarium, rides galore, and fine white sand, even if it is sprinkled in old hot dog holders and straws!  After a short walk down the festive boardwalk, I settled in just feet from the waves.  So worth a trip to South Brooklyn.


OK, I know this is old, but I showed to a friend for the first time and we re-lived the hilarity with giggles and guffaws.  You need to be familiar with Ryan Gosling to find this even remotely funny, but I’ve seen so many of his films – and love him! – but this is a classic-spoof-to-be!


One of my favorite feelings is the one I get from cooking for friends.  Creating an exciting menu for someone you care about is exhilarating, and the preparation meditative.  Of course, eating together is no doubt the best part!


My Sayoonara Party!  Friends came out to celebrate the turning of the page and we did not hold back with the laughter – or the hula hoops!  I’m so grateful for the love I felt that day, such a beautiful send off.



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