In Seine in the Membrane

Notre Dame on a steamer of a day!

Tuesday, my first real day back in Paris.  My yoga bro spent most of the day at work, and I took the opportunity to lay back and do absolutely nothing.  Oh, sweet nothing.  There’s nothing better than doing nothing when you’ve been traveling for two weeks, it’s hotter than the devil’s armpit outside and your prana levels are looking just about as flush as the euros in your wallet.  On occasion, I’ll feel a twinge of guilt for doing nothing, as though my entire existence should be dictated by productivity assessments.  But that’s just the Puritan work ethic creeping up on me!  No, doing nothing is quite alright.  Even on holiday, in one of the most fabulous cities in the world – sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.  And in this case, it was nothing.  🙂

By the time Wednesday rolled around, I’d found the time to come back to my asana/pranayam/meditation groove, so I felt rejuvenated enough to do a little more exploring.  I didn’t have to wander far until I ran into an adorable Thai Massage joint recommended to me by my local friend.  30 minutes of Thai Massage and all that travel was nothing but a feint memory . . . it took me back to my days in massage training in Chiang Mai.  It might be time to finish up my level two training soon!

(A random video of Thai Massage techniques, in case you’ve not experienced it before.  It’s such a perfect compliment to an asana practice – your flexibility will definitely be enhanced with regular Thai Massage!)

Wednesday rolled on through the Pompidou, crepe tastings, Notre Dame, a jazz band, and to top it all off, Ethiopian food at Abyssinia Restaurant!  The portions could have been more generous, but the flavors were out of this world.


Thursday we set off for New York via the Charles de Gaulle airport.  I may have been through quite a few airports in my life, sure.  The Honolulu airport is adorable and mostly outdoors, palm trees lining the walkways, the smell of flowers in the air.  I love the Tokyo airport for all the spas and restaurants and pod hotels.  But the airport in Paris is so mindfully designed, it has to take the cake.  All the inside walls are lined in wood, giving the ambiance a grounded yet spacious feel.  Sunlight pours in at every design opportunity, the perfect natural mood enhancer.  From the outside, the airport looks like some kind of 60’s vision of a futuristic spacecraft.  Fo’ realzies, one of the best flying facilities I’ve seen so far.

Supafly flying facility


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