Yoga Family

Aspects of yoga can be rather isolating –the meditating, asanas, pranayam, and svadhyaya are all done solo.  You travel inward to get to know yourself, uncovering the patterns and surprises within your layers – some latent, some rather more active.  All paths are unique, yet we become aware that we are all connected somehow. It can seem like a contradiction – if you’re thinking about it too hard ;).

Seekers are often brought together in random places like bus stops and cafes, but I’ve more commonly met my yoga family in centers, ashrams, studios and monasteries.  We rock up there for long periods of spiritual development and, inevitably, deep connections are made.

Friendships formed in the mold of yogic experience are forged in the heat of tapas.

When we’re blessed to explore these friendships outside of our practice spaces as well, my instinct is to call these beautiful souls my yoga family.  Of course, there is a greater yoga family, the international crew of people who are shining that inner divine through all sorts of yogic paths and funky combo approaches. Millions of us out there – doesn’t it warm your heart to imagine?

Here in France, my yoga family has been representing in full effect. My yoga brother in Paris and yoga sister in Nice have gone above and beyond mere hosting – they’re even feeding me disgusting French foods so my facial expressions will delight the table.  We’re officially in the realm of family now!  Ha!

So, Tuesday’s source of thanks: Yoga Family.  With love from the infinite source, for the shared intentions, depth, trust, honesty, generosity, and oodles of good times, thank you!


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