Trinity of Thanks

The weekend round up!

Friday: Train Rides

If you’ve never been on a long train ride, I highly recommend it.  You’ll have oodles of spare contemplation time and the potential for meeting random strangers for a nice chat is as infinite as you are garrulous.  Long train rides also allow for heavy journaling sessions, delving deeply into your music collection, tasty home-made picnics, and as much pranayam as your heart desires!  I found myself on a nine hour train journey earlier this week and will be on another one soon.  I’m actually really looking forward to having all the down time for reading and catching up on a few work projects.  Oh long train ride, sweet symbol of change.  One minute the trees are whizzing by, the  next, a pair of horses swish tails in a field.  Yup, that’s good stuff.

Saturday: My Manduka Travel Mat

It’s so light and thin I can fold it up and put it in my handbag.  My handbag. 

Sunday: Miniature Golf

Why has it been SO long since I’ve played miniature golf???  This game just rocks.  Especially when the sun is out and the company is awesome.  Happy days.



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