Left Nostril Breathing

A big move is in the midst, interspersed with meetings, travel logistics and preparations for a subletter, hence I’ll be switching over to a weekly account of all things inspiring gratitude and thanks. Daily doses of thanks will be recorded in my journal, but I’ll only be posting on Sundays for a wee while.  Stick with me, gang, there are some sweet things on the horizon, I promise!

This last week was pretty phenomenal, and a major highlight had to be left nostril breathing.  Sounds so simple, I know – and it is.  I’ve practiced this technique almost every day this week to relieve the pressures of all these external changes going down.  And it’s discreet enough to do in just about any situation.

Left nostril breathing is also known as chandra bhedana and has been proven to improve spatial memory, decrease heart rate, systolic pressure (SP), pulse pressure, and rate-pressure.  Although the specific mechanics of these effects are unknown (is it normalization of autonomic cardiovascular rhythms with increased vagal modulation and/or decreased sympathetic activity along with improvement in baroreflex sensitivity?), utilizing the technique for immediate decreases in blood pressure is incredibly empowering for patients of hypertension and other conditions related to high levels in pressure and heart rate.  And while the sex of a patient may inform the outcome of spacial/verbal performance tests, effects of unilateral breathing are statistically significant across the board.

For me, left nostril breathing was a gift of relaxation and peace in the madness that is moving house!

Monday: I had a chance to interview two fellow members of the collective at Third Root.  We got in deep on questions relating to definitions of health, the relationship between social justice and holistic health, and a few personal perspectives and projects we’ve been working on.  It was a chance to elucidate, to bond, to work side by side in furthering the mission of our organization.  Very stoked to be able to work on this project before I go …



Tuesday: Adventures in Jackson Heights. If you haven’t been, get out there, action immediate. Delicious Indian food, fun shopping (bangles and saris and yoga books, oh my!), and very inexpensive grocery stores await your visit.



Wednesday: Left Nostril Breathing (see above).  It came in particularly handy while I simultaneously packed and prepped my room for a visitor *and* a subletter.  Stress be gone!


Thursday: Sivananda ATTC mini-reunion!  A fellow teacher from the advanced training last year came to visit from Kuwait, along with a French comrade, a Russian Brooklynite, and ‘lil ole me.  We all met up before Dharma’s Master Class at 12 … and left 2 hours later sweaty and blissed out.  Sweet sweet connection.


IMAG0281Friday: My first international trip since moving to New York!  Need I say more?  Thank you, Matthieu!


Saturday: Agni sara and sirsasana.  They saved me from my jet lag.  Read on, and you’ll see why 😉


Sunday: Pain aux chocolat.  If you ever doubted the existence of divine in this life, I highly encourage you to eat one of these for breakfast.  You might just see the light after all!



Mmmmm….hot crunchy heaven.






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