Father’s Day Thanks

Sunday’s gratitude moment was all about honoring my pops, who recently transplanted himself to the South of France.  Sunflowers, vineyards and socialized health care?  Yeah, it sounds alright.  😉

Though my father loves the stage, and rocks out at venues around Europe, he spent the majority of his life helping others. I couldn’t be prouder of the work he’s done with runaways, incarcerated men, families in need of assistance and hundreds of private patients looking for ways to evolve through their unique challenges. His seva to the world has sent tsunami-sized ripples of goodness throughout this existence … and surely into the beyond. I look forward to writing his biography one day!

Thank you, Daddio, for introducing me to dinuguan (gross!), for giving in when I wanted a puppy, and for debating the finer points of nature/nurture with me before I really knew how to spell those words.

Shave and a haircut …


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