My Yoga Students :o)

My last day teaching at Third Root.  I knew Father’s Day would probably mean smaller classes than usual, but it felt right to have two relatively intimate rounds for my final sessions.  The morning was filled with meaningful oms, a mindfully crafted soundtrack, and the Hafiz poem, All the Hemispheres.   Connecting with my students had to be the highlight, though.  A few tears were shed, but the sadness was quelled by big hugs and visions of practice in Hawaiian paradise!

One of the best perks of teaching yoga is chatting with students after class and hearing about how they’re integrating their practice at home.  Sometimes a practitioner will express difficulty with a pose, but more often than that, I hear about chronic pain.  We brainstorm about lifestyle choices and yogic techniques that might bring some respite from their discomfort.

I also have the joy of hearing about births and weddings, trips and discoveries.  It’s awesome to see how easily happiness flows after a yoga class that resonates.  Eyes sparkle, and with hearts a little broader than usual, the stories come with liquid ease.

Yup, I love my yoga students.

But not just for the sweet memories they share – I love them for teaching me about how to communicate more effectively, with sensitivity, for igniting a fire under my creative pot, for asking questions I don’t have the answers to, and for helping me a become a better teacher with every class (I hope!).  Mahalo, TR yoga students, it’s been a very nourishing year.

No one was ever really taught by another; each of us has to teach himself. The external teacher offers only the suggestion which rouses the internal teacher to work to understand things. ~ Swami Vivekananda


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