Shivagakomarpaj – The Old Medicine Hospital

One of the most renowned Thai massage schools in the country, Shivagakomarpaj has been offering residential training for fifty years now.  Although The Old Medicine Hospital (Shivagakomarpaj is the name of the original founder of Thai Massage; you can understand the simplification of the institution’s name for Westerners) is not quite as well-known or sparkly as Wat Po, fellow massage healers have given pretty lukewarm reviews of Bangkok’s most popular massage institution.  During my training four years ago, the staff were friendly and thorough, the accommodations comfy and affordable, and the techniques we learned were amazing (especially amazing to receive!).

I’ve been massaging since I can remember.  My grandmother always needed Swedish/Shiatsu shoulder love, and my aunty would request back-walking on the regular .  Taking organized trainings like the one at Shivagakomarpaj really helped solidify some of skills I’d been developing independently, it opened up all sorts of doors to new techniques, and explained a lot of the physiology and philosophy behind the sets.  If you’re curious about the history and practice of Thai massage click here.

So, in celebration of their fiftieth year serving the global community, KOR PUN KAH!

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My training at The Old Medicine Hospital brought me to new levels of flexibility, lymphatic detox, and comfort with intimacy – spending a full week kneading flesh and manipulating body parts will definitely do it!  But the sweetness doesn’t end there.  With all these new Thai tricks under my (light loose fitting) sleeves, I’ve been able to offer healing massage to colleagues in the Middle East and private clients here in New York, a grounding blessing these last several weeks.



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