Feed the Brain Sunday

Feed the Brain Sunday started out by teaching two yoga classes at Third Root – always a learning experience.

After eating a tasty lunch I watched “The Nature of Existence” on Netflix – a sweet documentary full of interviews with everyday people, as well as speakers more often in the public eye, like Leonard Susskind, a physicist at Stanford, and Julia Sweeney, better known as Pat from SNL.  I’m always down to hear perspectives on objective truth, the meaning of life, the concept of god.  But a few choice new ideas crossed my ears in this one: in the Paiute Tribe of Nevada, spiritual leaders were thought to be born with both male and female spirits; according to the interviewee, these people were homosexuals, and were given the most sacred rituals to perform.  Mad respect.

Later in the film Dr. Wulff at Wheaton College, author of a textbook on the Psychology of Religion, shed some light when he described Freud’s theory on the conceptualization of god: like young children, we’re searching for an ever-nurturing being to arrive when we cry, when we suffer.  “God” has simply replaced our mothers.  Man, Freud sure had a thing about his mother.

Next on the menu of learning tonight: The Teaching Company!  Thanks to these videos (mostly attained by torrents), I’ve learned all about Jesus, Confucius, Buddha and Mohammed, The Art of Storytelling, Practicing Mindfulness and Transformational Leadership.  I’m in the midst of a downloading session, and I highly recommend.

And finally, my Community Change in Public Health class from Coursera.  I’m a week behind on the videos, but received quite a few useful ideas for eliciting change.  I didn’t expect the entire course to be based on going abroad to implement health initiatives – I was hoping for a more localized approach, a guide for *current* community members looking to change health outcomes where they already are.  But anyway, I’m grateful.  It’s been a good Sunday 🙂


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