Attack of the Pacific Trash Vortex

trashThe biggest waste dump in the world is just north of the coast of Hawaii – a floating monster, mostly plastic,  poisoning not just our ocean life, but our entire ecosystem.  80% of the debris in the Pacific Trash Vortex comes from land, from coastlines along rivers and tributaries.  The entire world is essentially pooping on Hawaii.


Watch this video below!


Thankfully researchers from Japan, University of Hawaii, Noah and Scripps have calculated that in two years the trash monster will likely reach California, and in four years, the trash is predicted to end up on Hawaii’s shores.  Impetus for immediate action!  Even if you’re not much of an environmentalist, this moving dump poses horrific problems to shipping, tourism and, of course, public health.


Translation: Stop buying plastic bottles.  Stop using plastic bags.  Stop shopping at those tempting Chinese dollar stores.  These habits are suicidal.

I’m grateful for finally making myself aware of this issue – and surprised it’s not come up in my radar before.  Seriously, *this* is the kind of thing that should be making headlines, or have its own reality TV show . . .


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