Triple Whammy of Thanks

Springtastic as these last few weeks have been, the exuberance in the air also makes it far too easy for me to fall behind in gratitude blogging.  Flowers to smell, green pastures in which to frolic, beer gardens blasting jazz and reggae – temptations like these tickle the Irish hedonist in me with very little mercy!

Not that any of the 801 readers out there seem to be upset about my missing a day of blogging (yes, I’m talkin’ about you! :)).  But part of this project is cultivating the commitment and consistency airy librans like myself sometimes find lacking.  So . . . to catch us all up on what inspired thanks the last few days:

Friday: A discussion on chronic pain management in Health Psychology opened the doors to integration of my personal, academic and professional lives.  Nice.

Saturday was a day to be grateful for friends making the journey to Brooklyn!  A dear sweet homey of mine came all the way down from the Upper East Side to have the best coffee and munchies in NYC and a romp through Prospect Park, complete with yoga & volleyball!  We made our way over to the (now famous and slightly overpriced) flea market in Fort Greene where we munched the best Thai and Korean veggie hotdogs I’ve ever had (incidentally my first experience with fusion dogs like that, ever).  We wrapped it all up over a few German brews.  Now *that* is a proper Spring welcome.  Love you, TA!

Sunday: Grateful for prana power.  I wasn’t feeling particularly brown eyed and bushy tailed this fine Sunday morning (the previous night I was out celebrating at a Third Root fundraiser).  Regardless, I had three 90 minute yoga classes to teach in a row.  15 minutes of my own meditation, pranayam and asana later, and I barreled through the morning like I was fresh off a holiday.  Full prana power!  🙂  I even got a few compliments from students.  It’s always the days when you’re unsure of yourself the students set your mind at ease.

Prana” is known as life force in yogic philosophy, the equivalent is “mana” in Hawaiian, “chi” in Chinese, and “ki” in Japanese.  I like to call it “mojo,” sweet sweet mojo.


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