Spasibo for Subbing

My sweet Russian friend asked me to sub a yoga class of hers in Fort Greene today.  Personally, I love the opportunity to dive into the great unknown.  Will it be a big space, traditional or modern?  Will the students have oodles of experience?  To music or not to music?  The questions are infinite – and so are the possibilities!  Granted, there can be cons to subbing.  For one, you don’t know the students well, so providing them with insightful adjustments (and possibly commentary) may be more difficult – and of course, you don’t have the opportunity to witness long term evolution.

But tonight was a beautiful class, I met the owner of the space, and even found a few people interested in supporting the 108 for Peace fundraiser next month.  So, spasibo (Russian for thank you!), for the opportunity to fill in for a fellow conduit of yogi wisdom.  Made for a very fun evening . . .

If you’re a yoga teacher, interested in how to be a better sub, this is a great article in Yoga Journal, written by my friend Molly – definitely worth a read.


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