Teacher Series: Georg Feuerstein

Today was one of those days where I had a difficult time choosing just which thing to be grateful for.  I’ve already written ad nauseum about the sun, about spring, about Third Root, and about massages!  As I settled into my nightly routine, I started revising a presentation for Mindfulness and Meditation in Psychology, books, notes, highlighters and post-it notes strewn everywhere.  While reviewing a crucial excerpt in The Yoga Tradition, a monster of a publication on yoga history, literature and philosophy, I realized I haven’t “gratitude blogged” about the book’s author, Georg Feuerstein.


My interactions with him were only through emails and assignments for an 800-hour philosophy class I enrolled in online.  Before his untimely passing last year, the seminal writer on yogic philosophy in the West, having authored over 45 books on the subject, was my tutor.  Born and raised in Germany, Georg became interested in yoga from his childhood, and would go on to study Sanskrit and Yoga Philosophy at the doctoral level.  His book, The Yoga Tradition, is the most comprehensive one-volume yoga text available in the English language I’ve read.  Tantra: The Path of Ecstasy, is another favorite – and if you don’t mind dense academic writing, and appreciate meticulous annotations, I highly recommend it.  It’ll clear up any misconceptions about what Tantra actually entails!

Although I’ve had surprisingly petty exchanges with his widow, who is continuing the business of the online courses, his books continue to elucidate so many mysteries in yoga’s history and messages.  Today, I’m using his chapter on Yoga in Buddhism as part of my research for a presentation comparing the two spiritual sciences (a subject one could potentially spend a lifetime researching!).

Today, I bow at the feet of a great teacher, Georg Feuerstein, in humble gratitude.  May your soul be one with Brahmin, in sweet shanti eternal.

Georg’s Blog


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