Brownsville Collegiate Fifth Graders . . .

Thank you, darlings, for testing my mindfulness training (and patience) to a degree I forgot was possible!

Outdoor yoga session + blustery frenetic winds + mats flying everywhere + ten year old energies + I don’ t know any of their names + more kids than mats + no supervision + my voice not containing an internal bull horn = EPIC FAIL of an hour.

When I’ve worked with large groups of kids in a yoga class before, I’ve had time to build trust and respect, to develop behavior techniques, to whet their interest in yoga as a practice that serves their health and happiness.  But yesterday was all about gettin’ your cojones out, no time for any of that other stuff.  And, to be honest,  I have a hard time navigating teaching yoga with cojones swinging in the spring time gust (wonderful imagery, I know!).

So I observed that, didn’t judge it, let it go, learned a lesson, and visualized a more successful next time.  Which is tomorrow.  Dear Jah, help me!


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