Real Happiness

For a class I’m taking at the New School, Mindfulness and Meditation in Psychology, we’re utilizing an array of published psychology studies and meta-analyses, as well as three brilliant books in cultivating mindfulness.  I’m spoiled for inspiration.  One of these light-shedding books is Sharon Salzberg’s, Real Happiness.  It’s accessible, down to earth, and pulls from decades of solid personal practice.  Sharon Salzberg is rocking my world.

She’s currently presenting meditation workshops at the yoga studio a block from my house and I’ll definitely be heading over there soon to meet her in person.

The book breaks down several different kinds of meditations, based in the Buddhist tradition.  There are four meditation practices on the CD that comes with the book – breathing, walking, emotions and loving kindness.  Something for everyone!

If you’ve never meditated before, and you’re looking for a nice gateway practice, check out Real Happiness for practical advice and encouragement along the way.


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