Health Disparities Conference @ Columbia


The presentation by and award ceremony for David Satcher, MD, Ph.D., Director, Satcher Health Leadership Institute; Director, Center of Excellence on Health Disparities; 16th Surgeon General of the United States; Former Director of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention was pure inspiration. He had the audience mmmhmm-ing throughout!

The break out session I attended included a presentation on community based outreach based on the Conscious Critical Thinking theory.  And on a personal note, I had the pleasure of chatting with two of the presenters, Miriam Eisenhardt MPH, RN, Assistant Professor and Marjorie Hammer MS, FNP Assistant Professor, at Samuel Merritt University School of Nursing, Oakland, CA over lunch.

I left feeling proud to be a part of a network of people working toward health justice.  And I also snagged a new DVD by Byron Hurt, “Soul Food Junkies.”   This future-classic about how traditional African-American food may be effecting health is airing on PBS May 20th.  So if you’re free, I highly recommend checking it out!


More on the conference . . . 

Expert Continuing Education Webcasted Live with Viewer Participation and In-Person Participation in New York, New York March 15th-16th, 2013

Conference Theme: Culturally Appropriate Research, Practice, and Policy Approaches to Health Disparities within a Stress and Coping Bio-Psycho-Social-Environmental-Cultural Framework

The Fifth Annual Health Disparities Conference at Teachers College, Columbia University will provide an opportunity for varied professionals to gain exposure to evidence-based and state-of-the-art approaches to reducing/eliminating health disparities and moving society toward equity in health for all.

Featuring Expert Keynote Speakers and Special Expert Panels on:

  • Exploring HIV/AIDS Syndemics and Social Determinants: Research, Practice, Policy and the People Living with HIV
  • Intimate Partner Violence and HIV/AIDS in the Black Community: Culturally Appropriate Evidence-Based Practices and Trauma-Informed Services
  • Contemporary Youth, Hip-Hop, and Urban Science Education: The Role of Multimedia Educational Technology in Disseminating the Science Needed for Community Empowerment to Reduce and Eliminate Health Disparities


PDF of the full conference offerings.


2 thoughts on “Health Disparities Conference @ Columbia”

  1. Just watched that trailer – it was great! I’d really like to see the whole movie. The conference sounds awesome too! How awesome that you were able to attend!

    1. There’s so much awesome in the city, I can hardly keep up! I bought the DVD so we could show it at Third Root, where I’m a collective member. I’ll bring it home next time I visit – hopefully during the winter hols!

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