Three Days of Thanks

Wednesday’s Gratitude Goodie: Cheap Chinese Massage Spots

Chinese Massage parlors are hit or miss, but “Peter” at the shop down the road from me is a definite HIT.  I told him I injured my shoulder this morning and he set everything back in place with just the right touch.  Kinda dangerous having a good massage spot just a block away . . . 

Read more about Tui Na’s history from

Thankfulness Thursday: Now that I’ve been accepted to CUNY’s Journalism program, I’m checking out a few classes as a kind of appetizer.  I had the opportunity to sit in on a Feature Writing class with Fred Kaufman, an Associate Professor at the school.  It was engaging and informative – so much so I’m bummed I’ll be missing the next class, when they review Kaufman’s article, Debbie Does Salad.

Free Gig Friday!  Heading over to BAMCafe to check out soul songstress Emily King.  Any favorite of Gilles Peterson’s is worth a twirl in my book.


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