Sweet Sweet Support

In the midst of a heavy storm, warrior courage must prevail.

The last several days, I’ve been blessed with (for me) the ultimate in practice challenges: severe imposing dental pain.  The Vedic technique, “I am not that, I am not that, I am not that …” has been helping for re-framing.  As did the mindfulness observation of the pain as a transitory occurrence.  Yup, there it is, intense pain.  Throbbing, persistent, and expensive to cure.  Just an occurrence, nothing aimed at “me,” just something I am perceiving.  The meditation that helped the most was sending loving kindness to someone I’ve been having disturbing exchanges with lately.  The somatic response to that technique was immediate and significant.

My independent practice helped rouse those warrior instincts, but no yogi is an island . . .

Monday was full of beautiful healing massage from the fabulous Sherley Accime, and a few magic potions from Jacoby Ballard.  Both co-owners with me at Third Root.  Pure healing goodness – if in need, go get some!

Tuesday, a new friend drove all the way across town to drop off some more herbal meds for my weary ‘lil self.  Yay.

And today?  Today I’m grateful for antibiotics.  Ha!  Who would of thought I’d dedicate a day to something I avoid taking at all costs … well, if I’ve contributed to the evolution of some future bacterial killers out there, my apologies.  But that amoxycilin I popped has been centralizing the pain in my jaw like nobody’s bidness.  With a great sigh of relief . . .


Loka Samastha Sukino Bhavantu

May all beings be happy ….


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