Urban Park Lovin’

It’s such a relief to find those tiny specs of green in this sea of grey …

. . . and for that, today, I’m grateful!


Want to make your own neighborhood park?  Ehow explains the nitty gritty:



    • Look for land. Since the park will be in your neighborhood, you should have a pretty good idea of what sort of land is available. Ideally, getting the land donated is best, but be prepared to study your city’s park budget and plan fundraisers to purchase land for your neighborhood park.

    • 2

      Decide what you think should go into your park, how much it is going to cost to build and how much it will cost to maintain. Consider things like water lines, electrical lines, playground equipment and regular maintenance. Again, the better prepared you are, the better your chances of having your park become a reality.

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    • 3

      Build your case, deciding upon the primary reason your neighborhood needs a park. For example, it may be a safe place for kids to play, get-away for neighborhood residents or a place to hold neighborhood meetings and activities. Make sure your park serves a purpose and that the purpose is clearly defined.

    • 4

      Consult the city council. In many towns, making a call can get you on the agenda for the next city council meeting. Alternately, if you can recruit a member of the council to help, she can take the matter up when it is appropriate.

    • 5

      Present your case to the council and bring supporters. The city council needs to know that this isn’t just your personal project, and that the neighborhood as a whole wants the park.

    • 6

      Be patient and prepared to try again. Even if everyone loves your idea, it can still take time to get through all the red tape. Sometimes, details of your proposal might have to change and you might have to redo your homework to make the proper accommodations.


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