Visualization Meditation, Gettin’ Your Hair Did, and The Largest Breakfast of the Season

Thursday’s gratitude focus: A beautiful meditation in my Psych class that took me back to the beach I grew up on . . . good ‘ole Ewa Beach.  We were guided to a sunny beach scape, complete with sparkling blue water and fresh salty air, but my visualization had the added bonus of Diamond Head in the distance.  As soon as I “got there” I “visited” with my grandmother and my cousins, and had a lovely stroll through my old ‘hood.  It was the first time we did a visualization meditation like this in class, a sort of conjuring for an early spring . . . such a nice way to take a free trip home!  And incredible how embodied I felt in the process.

Cuz it’s Friiiiiiiday: Meetin’ the girls after tutoring, and going for a chinwag at a Brooklyn fave, The Crown Inn, was justification enough for getting my hair conditioned and done up by a pro.  It was my first time trying out a service like this . . . and I have to say it feels damn good to walk around town with a little extra bounce and style!  So thankful for the talented Russian lady who transformed my mop from yoga bun to red carpet fab.

Sweet, sweet Saturdays.  My one day of the week I don’t have a set schedule.  Indulgence is often on the menu (to balance all the yogi discipline during the week, of course! ;)).  And lawd, was today’s menu extensive!  Gruyere quesadilla on a sprouted multi-grain tortilla, sliced avocado and Sriracha, roasted nutmeg sweet potatoes, faux apple maple sausages sauteed in egg whites, a few slices of apple to juice it all up, and a selection of dipping sauces from honey mustard to tonkatsu.  All I had for dinner was a lovely ‘lil spinach shake, because really, that brunch was enough for the week!


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