A Madlib Kinda Morning

Thankyou, Madlib.  For bringing sweet sonic bliss – through my eardrums, straight to my soul, for the last 14 years.  Consistency in dopeness is rare and much appreciated this chill rainy morning.

Signed to a true gateway to goodness, Stonesthrow Records, the man known as Madlib, Quasimoto and Yesterday’s New Quintet, also produced genius with MF Doom and JDilla (RIP)  under the mutant superhero names, Madvillian and Jaylib.  Every single release is worth a spin . . . or twenty.

Madlib is currently on tour in Japan, and giving away bricks of beautiful tunage in the form of 13-CD sets at random train stations around the country (say whaaaat?).  Now, if only he’ll get out to New York this year …

A recent release:

From the 2000 release as Quasimoto

As Yesterday’s New Quintet

Heavy beats, light entertainment (a Jaylib creation)

The dirty Doom drops his classic vocal roughness … and an accordion.


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