Nothin’ a Little Booty Can’t Cure

Although the last few days have been a bit of a challenge – fluctuations of the mind a bit more present and intrusive than usual – I’m grateful for two key ingredients in today’s contentment pie: Ditmas Park Rendezvous & a ‘lil bit of that Pirate’s Booty (so much healthier than the Cheetos of my childhood!)!

Yesterday, after teaching two classes at Third Root, I met up with a good friend over coffee at Madeline’s – where the music is soulful and the almond croissants just may change your life.  When we parted ways, I went back to TR to chat it up with a few fellow healers (and S&M party fans, apparently!) over carrots and hummus.  To finish the night?  A “Meet the Babies” party attended by some of Brooklyn’s most adorable under 3s!  As if all the big-cheeked giggles weren’t enough, the party came fully equipped with an adobo (I would add some citrus, ginger and coconut milk to this linked recipe) cook-off, a Gangam Style dance-off, and lumpia making (a round of savory veggie and a round of cinnamon banana!).

I smiled so damn hard that day, I went home with sore cheeks!





And today?  Well, today is all about the booty.  Of the Pirate variety.

Thanks, Universe 😉


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