Double Happiness

Today’s blog is another double whammy of gratitude.

Yesterday’s source of inspiration: the people in my Yoga in Action crew.  We were all a part of a several-week workshop I blogged about last year, and this was our first “reunion” of sorts.  Scrumptious food, good conversation, giggles, meditation and sharing of meaningful personal/community projects.  Now *that* is the kind of thing that makes me feel at home here in Brooklyn.  And just in time, too – right as winter’s chilly whisper seemed ready to permeate my bones.

Yup, life feels a lot warmer.

And today?  Today I have to give props to this amazing video I saw last year, illustrating to a tee yoga’s healing powers.  The two main characters are rather unlikely heroes in the world of yoga.  But it’s a story that will mos definitely open your heart (and it just may cause a few tears.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!):



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