Take Yer Pick!

Walk into a grocery store here in the States and you may think nothing of the abundance of food choice, whole rows dedicated to types of sweeteners, whole aisles full of dressings and condiments.  Even in New York, where space don’t come so easy, I feel like there are at least three kinds of anything I could possibly want in most neighborhood food shops.  It’s just not the case in most countries.

I feel the same abundance when trying to decide what to do in my spare time here in New York: wanna run up the Empire State Building or go to a dildo exhibition?  Perhaps check out a continuing ed class or catch Mumford and Sons play somewhere?

We’re completely and utterly – for better or worse – spoiled for choice!

Today, I’m grateful for the freedom to choose (most things).  I chose where I ate lunch while catching up with a friend.  I chose which music to play during my yoga classes.  I even got to choose what kind of brew I’d partake in to celebrate the Superbowl (peak organic IPA, in case you were curious!).  Very few people in the world have such a plethora of options at their fingertips.

Although it does complicate our lives, if we’re willing to utilize that yogic viveka (discernment), choice can be a truly fulfilling gift.



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