Memories from Mix Tapes

Ahhhhh… going through all my boxes at my Gramma’s house a few weeks ago, I happened across a bunch of old mix tapes.  Some from old boyfriends, some from my high school girl gang, some from DJ friends around the globe.

I feel mad lucky to have these remnants of pre-MP3 days – and even more lucky to have this feeling in my heart right now, listening to a few of the tracks.  Man, I’m a softie!

Get ready to slow dance!

It’s like I’m 15 years old and I was just given a bottle full of rain water someone collected for me ….

The first song played on 93.9 (?) The Rock You Live On – which really did turn my world upside down.

Or cruisin’ round Honolulu, lookin’ for some Goodwill threads . . .

(listening to this album on repeat…)

High school social armor!

Ridiculously bubbly, the perfect medicine for the hormonal angsty teenie days.

Hurricane popcorn and awesome movies!

Ah Tribe … they just don’t make ’em like you anymore!  I suddenly feel like watching Kung Fu movies for some reason…

And the darkness sets in (despite the glow sticks ;o))


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