Health Psych!

The class hasn’t even started, yet my anticipation of how brilliant this class will be has officially reached “bubbling over” status.  I’ve mentioned it to nearly everyone I’ve seen since I got back to New York (with a twinkle in my eye and rather Cheshire-like smile).  “I start my Health Psychology class next week!”

I’ve been wanting to take a class like this for years.  My intentions were to deepen my understanding of the mind-body connection, learn as much as I can to bring back to my community, and to make connections with other people who are passionate about the subject.

Though web-learning has its merits, I was determined to take the class in person, on campus, with a credible teacher, face to face.  Enrolling was no easy task.  Frankly, moving to New York (in order to take classes like this!) was a roller coaster ride I do not plan on paying for again!  But I’m here, I’m registered, and my first book came in the mail today . . .


Say whaaaat?  Is that someone busting out a yoga asana in the *main image* on my new textbook?

Why yes, yes indeed it is.

Now that is satisfying to see.

svyasaWhile I explored India for the first time in 2010, one of my missions was to check out the Universities offering yoga philosophy degrees.  I knew education would be much more affordable there, and if the quality was comparable, why not pursue higher education in India?  There are scores of (amazing looking) Yoga Phil MA and PhD programs out there, some at regular unis, others at ashram-style colleges.  Maybe an amalgamation of yoga and academia was the way forward?

After visiting several schools, I didn’t have a good feeling about the organization of the courses.  Western students complained of poor communication within departments, rules changing willy-nilly, professors not being available for thesis-related meetings.  Although I have some friends who completed Yoga degrees in India, and were completely satisfied, it was all too chaotic for me (too bad, too, Banares Hindu Uni is so close to one of my beloved yoga teachers in Varanasi).  I decided I should head back West for my edumacation.

And look!  Yoga’s infiltrated mainstream Western academia just in time!

This is not a Yoga Psychology class, this is not a class about New Age Culture … it’s a 300-level Psychology course, at a rather reputable school.  I know, there are studies being done all over the world, in all manner of unis (Hopkins, Brown, Harvard, USF, etc.) about yoga and meditation.  But this is *my* class that I get start next week.  And I am stoked.

So thanks, Health Psych, for putting a smile on my face today.  There were quite a few contenders (namely a sweet rendezvous with a homey, and my earmuffs, again!).  But today you win.


2 thoughts on “Health Psych!”

  1. Taking this class seems a wise move, especially for someone with such a wide-scoped grasp of yoga and it’s applications to health and well-being, combined with your interest in psychology and public health. I look forward to your contributions to this growing field, and the continuing evolution of the amalgamation of east/west…

    1. Thank you, Dr. 🙂 My intentions are to serve my community with this knowledge and evolve as an individual. How exactly that will manifest, we shall see! I look forward to your feedback on the subject matter of the class!

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