My Awesome Family

. . . I’m so grateful for my family today.  With a few moments to myself for contemplation, I realized family had to be the subject of tonight’s blog.  And as I wait for my cousin to come pick me up for a slumber party, the clock is a tickin’ – there is no way to list all the reasons I’m grateful for my family!  Wisdom, tasty recipes, big hugs, comfy chats, hilariousness, unique genes, a multitude of perspectives, so many favors on this trip, the list goes on and on.  Spending time with your awesome family has got to be good for your health, mental, spiritual, even physical (well, when we’re not indulging too much together!).

And if you don’t believe me, check out this article from the Huff Post:

From decreasing loneliness to slashing stress levels, from helping with quitting smoking to making a difference in healthy eating habits, check out these eight reasons why it’s healthy to spend time with people you love.


One thought on “My Awesome Family”

  1. What a great visit we had! I think we’re getting better at it. We appreciate you too, and we certainly miss you when you’re not here. Enjoy your last little bit of ocean – and grandma – indulgence!

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