Rendezvous in Paradise

Today I had the ultimate pleasure of meeting with three people who genuinely rock my world.


After a jaunt across the island in Hawaii’s infamous Da Bus, I partook in lunch and chit chat with my fabulous former debate partner and friend.  It didn’t hurt that we were meeting in Manoa, the gorgeous green valley that opens up right into Honolulu – pure dew-kissed class.

I made my way out to Waikiki later on to share a beer with my old housemate from Brooklyn, who just so happens to be in Hawaii at the same time.  His family are staying at The Breakers hotel, where I found myself completely enamored by the old school architecture and Japanese aesthetic.  Although Fort DeRussy is usually not top on my visiting list, it really is such a sweet stretch of sand and relaxation – my first full dip into the ocean this visit!

The night saw a perfect end with dinner with one of my dearest oldest friends at Greens and Vines (don’t mind the terribly-written review), a new raw vegan restaurant in downtown Honolulu.  And it was delightful!  The pad thai is perfectly seasoned with vibrant dashes of kaffir lime and miso, the lasagne a solid balance of pesto nuttiness and sundried tomato tang . . . and oh, the desserts are divine!

I am definitely one lucky lady.


It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson


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