Holiday Thanks

Whether you celebrate the Solstice, Christmas, Yalda, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Eid, Pancha Ganapati, a bonanza of some other origin, or a modern combination of these rituals, this is an important time for most of us out there.  It’s a time to appreciate the people in our lives, to remember what we did with our 2012, to consider the future, to celebrate the present (and perhaps presents!), partake in special foods and song, and mark the changing of the seasons.


I was actually looking forward to having a meditative Christmas Day alone – and, to an extent, I’m indulging that inclination as I write.  Sitting here at a friend’s apartment in Baltimore, hovering over my laptop on a cherry oak dining table, with Billie Jean the cat, curled up and dreaming on the couch, I’m drinking in the silence.  A silent day replacing the traditional Silent Night, after the whirlwind of activity that marked the last few weeks.  (And since UPS pulled a magnificent FAIL in delivering my phone, the silence this season is especially deep!)


It’s funny, I came here thinking I was keeping a friend company, but she wasn’t about to be alone at all.  She just wanted to make sure I wasn’t. (Not sure if that is a moment of “Awww, how sweet!” or, “Damn girl, you got tricked!”  Hehe.)

So wherever you are, however you’re enjoying the day, with family or alone, with TV or at church, here’s to being grateful for the holidays  🙂





2 thoughts on “Holiday Thanks”

  1. Glad to hear you are indulging yourself in the manner of your choosing. Bless up and continue having an amazing day! My mommy made the potato salad! :-*

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