A Plethora of Goodness

It was just one of those days.

No, not one of *those* days (with a <sigh>), more like one of *those* days (with a <;)>)

It wasn’t overwhelmingly awesome, the kind of day that gets fully engulfed by the rarity and extremeness of one shockingly good event or thing.

It was a day of steady pure contentment, when there were so many things to be grateful for, I wasn’t sure what to write about tonight.

Do I write about how my friend Melissa muled over sacks fulla presents from my dad in Ireland?  Or the bomb diggy momos we shared at Cafe Himalaya (BYOB hole in the wall in the East Village – two pudgy thumbs up!)?

Do I write about my friend’s new website, CheeeHuuu (if you’re Hawaiian, that title will tickle you!), debuting with a very cool TED video from Social-Psychologist-with-a-very-cool-story Ann Cuddy (about how our bodies shape our minds, which shapes behaviors, which shapes outcomes.  Her advice: stand like superwoman for two minutes before a stressful encounter like a job interview or speech and you’ll feel and appear more confident, comfortable, enthusiastic and authentic) that just might change your life?



Or do I write about how awesome my two yoga classes were?  (Not that they were superb classes necessarily, I’m not really sure, but yeeeeeah did they feel good to share!)

I taught an intermediate class this morning full of juicy pranayam, a welcome-back class for quite a few students who had to put their practices on pause.  The group energy was so potent today, I felt like forming a team of super yogis to go out and spread blissful warmth for the holidays (things got pretty warm up in there!).  Then there was the basics class, where so many of my students had respiratory issues.  This presented the perfect opportunity to focus on chest opening and deep pranayam in back bends- whew! So good.

I was so stoked to have these two classes today — more than anything, I needed to get out, serve my community, be social, feel essential and loved, share inspiration, make connections and get creative.  There hasn’t been enough of that lately, with all these GRE study sessions and essays for MA apps.

Again, yoga (and lots of amazing people and serendipitous circumstances) saves the day.



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