Gramma’s Abundant Health

My Grandmother in Ewa Beach, Hawaii was in a car accident last month and spent over a week in the hospital.  It was nerve-wracking not only because this was her first major accident (and hopefully the last), or because I love and care for her deeply, but being so far away multiplies the anxiety ten-fold.  She’s a tough cookie, my gramma, raised on a plantation on Maui in a tiny house with nine siblings and her Japan-born parents.


“Eh, Joey, I’m old school!” she says, explaining her bountiful green thumb, or her impatience for inexplicably modern behavior, like wasting food or an inability to commit.

Grams never hesitates to share her pearls of wisdom, big or small, rough or polished.  I was given her middle name, Shigeko, meaning “abundant, luxuriant child” in Japanese … so as her namesake, I hope to carry on in her example of tending the soil, caring for community, and living with abundance.

Today I’m grateful for her abundant health!


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