Fainting is Scary (or Funny, if it’s a Goat)

. . . but this blog is officially about being grateful.  So today, I’m grateful I didn’t hit my head when I fainted late last night.

While getting ready for bed a spell of dizziness came over me and I braced myself just in case, thinking it was sure to pass.  The darkness got deeper and I felt myself falling backward, smacking the side of my desk and landing on the floor.  I fully lost consciousness.

When I came to, I heard this eerie noise, like a computer breaking down.  The first feeling to rush over me was surprise, followed by embarrassment, followed by a joke, followed by fear.  What just happened?  Why?  I quickly went through everything I’d done that day, everything I’d eaten.  My patience was shorter then usual that day, I’m in the middle of GRE preparation and my MA application due dates are lurking around the corner.  All that coupled with a few small projects and a late dinner might’ve done me in.

But what’s worse, when I woke up the next day I had a weird tightness in my chest.  Hopefully it’s just some strange one-off occurrence, but damn was it scary!

In my attempts at research to better understand fainting, I happened across this amusing “news” piece on fainting goats that you might already have seen (over 16 million views already – whaaaat?)




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