Sesame Street Teaching Belly Breath!

Hahaha~~~ Of *course* Sesame Street teaches yoga!

This video right here made my day (and it’ll make yours too, especially if you work with or have any kids that suffer from the occasional “inner monster” that needs a chillin’ out!)

With Common, Elmo, and Colbie Callait . . .



If Sesame Street is doing it (as well as hundred of schools in India, Northern Europe and Canada) … shouldn’t we start thinking about having more yoga in schools?



3 thoughts on “Sesame Street Teaching Belly Breath!”

  1. Yoga should be part of any phys ed instructor’s teaching degree…think how better balanced our children would be if yoga was included in their school curriculum instead of some inane competitive sport!

    1. 100% concurrence! 😉 The studies on yoga (esp the breathing exercises) with kids speak for themselves … better mood, better concentration, better behavior … just can’t argue with that! My kids in Thailand loved it!

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