Dark Children’s Flicks – Kamsahamnida

Thank you (in Korean) for these four amazing kids movies that helped shaped who I am to a surprising degree . . .

The Dark Crystal

The vulture-like Skenksies vs. the OM-chanting Mystics (“numbly rehearsing the ancient ways in a blur of forgetfulness. . .”) – classic evil vs. good.  Watching this movie as an adult, the symbology makes so much more sense, especially in the context of my yoga training (check out the chakra-esque ritual circle in the main blog picture).  The struggle of the working class zombies, under the spell of the glittery crystal, reminiscent of the post-industrial social warfare we’re engaged in now.  Jim Henson was one genius dude …


So many good things going on in this classic!  First of all, David Bowie as a queen of the Labrynth ball:

Oh the balls!

The hilarious nastiness of the Bog of Eternal Stench . . . the creativity of the talking hand-faces . . . Ludo’s big friendly giantness . . .

And this odd little connection I’ve noticed . . .

neverendingstoryThe Never Ending Story

I said it when I was five years old, and I’ll say it again: classic case of “false advertising!”  Other than that little oversight, however, a pretty flawless film.  “Bastian, say my name!”  At around age 10 or so, I became a total library rat and unearthed a copy of the book on which this film is based.  The narrative that takes place in the “real world” is printed in black ink, the narrative in the fantasy land is printed in red ink.  I always thought that was so novel, and haven’t really encountered the same technique since.  Whew, how many times have I wished I’d find a glimmering speck of sand from another land and make all the wishes in the world!  Guess that’s what the lotto is for . . .

Don't let the sadness get ya down ...
Don’t let the sadness get ya down …

The Secret of Nimh

The film is playing in a window next to WordPress as I write this . . . it’s funny what details from a film stay with you.  In this case, Mrs. Brisbee’s funny little voice and her wee mouse mouth.  The name, Nicodemus, as well – a name I proudly bestowed on my hamster in Tucson (Nicodemus Babaganouj, I miss you!).  And could it be?  Yup, that is Dom Deloise as the funny crow.


So happy to have been raised on films like these and bedtime stories from Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm…


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