Gratzie Groupon!

It has to be said: Groupon makes luxury life affordable! And especially in the holiday season, I’m very grateful to be able to take my friends out for a nice meal. Like tonight, I’m going to the West Village for some Spanish tapas, and we’ll both be eating like Queens for a mere $40!

The main picture in this post is from an amazing spread of sushi I got for my birthday. Wanna know how much it cost? 25 dollars. That’s all.

I know Groupon isn’t the best service in every city, but I can certainly stay in New York it’s fabulous! Spa services, goods, the eating out deals … It’s a bargain hunter’s dream.


2 thoughts on “Gratzie Groupon!”

    1. Thanks Kris! The Beast has been conquered … gratzie for the yummies! Super lovely wait staff, creative flavor combos, and very comfy booth action 😉 You da bestest!

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