Shukran for the Opportunity to Nerd Out on Free Classes!

Today I’m grateful for all the free online classes available through these three fabulous websites.  They kept my brain sweatin’ during those years abroad, and they’re just the right price.

MIT Open Courseware: 2150 courses you say?  Nearly all of MIT’s offerings, and loads from all kinds of other renowned institutes?  Well, sweet lawd have mercay, this internet bidness sure can level the playing ground!  Me likey veeeery much.

Being a broad abroad, it’s important to keep your head both on your shoulders and full of fun engaging challenges.  Websites like OCW (and a few others I recently discovered via a mate of mine below) kept my curiosity satiated – some even pimpin’ out with full video and audio to keep my modern attention span focused.

Check it out . . . on the OCW website, listed under Humanities -> Philosophy -> Metaphysics, you will find the following array of academic awesomeness:

24.03 Relativism, Reason, and Reality Undergraduate
24.111 Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics Undergraduate
24.201 Topics in the History of Philosophy: Kant Undergraduate
24.221 Metaphysics Undergraduate
24.221 Metaphysics: Free Will Undergraduate
21L.448J Darwin and Design (Fall 2010) Undergraduate
21L.448J Darwin and Design (Fall 2003) Undergraduate
21L.470 Eighteenth-Century Literature: Versions of the Self in 18th-C Britain Undergraduate
21M.013J The Supernatural in Music, Literature and Culture Undergraduate
24.500 Topics in Philosophy of Mind: Perceptual Experience Graduate
24.810 Topics in Philosophy of Science: Social Science Graduate

In Teaching and Education -> Educational Technology:

11.124 Introduction to Education: Looking Forward and Looking Back on Education Undergraduate
11.127J Computer Games and Simulations for Investigation and Education Undergraduate
11.131 Educational Theory and Practice III Undergraduate
SP.772 Internet Technology in Local and Global Communities Undergraduate
21F.034 Media Education and the Marketplace Undergraduate
RES.TL-002 STAR: Software Tools for Academics and Researchers Undergraduate
4.297 Special Problems in Architecture Studies Graduate
CMS.930 Media, Education, and the Marketplace Graduate
MAS.714J Technologies for Creative Learning Graduate
MAS.771 Autism Theory and Technology Graduate
MAS.963 Technological Tools for School Reform Graduate


Whew!  That’ll keep a sister busy for months!


Coursera: With an solid selection of courses, and nearly 2 million users already on board, Coursera is another choice find.  Community Change in Public Health from Johns Hopkins,  The Fiction of Relationship from Brown University, and A History of the World Since 1300 from Princeton are a few of my faves you’ll find here.  Example course format:

This course is comprised of two lectures per week, which are approximately 50 minutes each, but segmented into parts with short quizzes that will enable you to engage with the material and check your understanding. Additionally, the course will feature a “Global Dialogue” almost every week. These events are opportunities for students who are taking the course at Princeton to engage in a classroom conversation about themes and perspectives in world history with a distinguished historian, and in some cases pairs of scholars, most of whom are members of the Princeton University faculty. These class discussions will be recorded and supplement the lectures and readings and they will provide Coursera students an opportunity to participate in the classroom activity at Princeton. In advance of each Dialogue, we will invite students enrolled on Coursera to submit queries on that week’s theme or perspective via the Coursera platform. Professor Adelman will select from among these to pose to students and guests as part of the Global Dialogues held in class. Student work for this course includes 6 short essays, which will be given at the beginning of every second week in the course.

Udacity: Mostly computer nerdtasticness (woo hoo!), but there are a few offerings not computer-related, like Physics 101.  Some courses are led by young whipper snappers, recently matriculated from MIT, others are led by professors who also teach at Columbia, Harvard and Berkeley (like Steve Blank, professor for How to Build a Start Up).

Chiggy check it out and give your brain something something to chew on  😉



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