All Hail, the GRE

I never thought I’d be saying this, but today I’m actually grateful for the GRE.  Using the best GRE language I can muster, allow me to explain why . . .

Although I am chary to take on this monolith to standardized testing, a subject rather polemical within the realm of pedagogy, I shall continue as an intrepid participant across the formidable path leading me back to the warm arms of academia.  There’s no need for a vituperate blog regarding testing vocabulary, with their too-often recondite meanings (multiple, to boot!).

Instead, I shall remain phlegmatic, with no fear to occlude me, sedulous in my studies, and perhaps even grateful . . . for the reminder that my disdain for mathematics is not immutable afterall!  What was once insipid is now a delightful game!

As for the surfeit of linguistic study points?  A prodigious undertaking, indeed, but for a period of an exceptionally impecunious nature, what better way to pass the time on the train?  Just two weeks and counting . . .

(And thanks to Sonny Clark – and the one and only Philly Joe Jones – for providing much of the soundtrack to this beastly hobby of mine at the moment.  Makes for a much smoother ride . . . )



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