Surviving the 80’s

Continuing in this year of gratitude, today I was reminded how special it is I got to not only experience, but survive the decade of neon, leg warmers and a coke-infused Wall Street. (OK, so I still wear legwarmers.  They’re just so good at their job!)

I was sitting at a coffee shop at this communal table and a girl across the way asks if anyone has internet.

“Sure, did you need to look something up?”

“Well,” she chirps, “I just need to find the name of a song.  It’s about Jenny.  I need her phone number?”  Yes, the end of her statement sounded like a question.

“Are you talking about that 80’s song?  As in, eight six seven five three oh nine?”

The three other dudes on the table, clearly in my age range, burst out in laughter with me.  Ok, I guess I’m officially answering old person questions now! That’s what I get for hanging out near NYU.

So then, she asks me to repeat it.  And this was the best part.

“Eight six.”

“Yeah.”  She jots down them digits.

“Seven five.”

“Seven five, OK.”

“Three.  Oh.  Nine.”

“OK, got it, *thanks!*” (stars denote super-perkiness)

For a good time.  For a good time caaaaaaall…


We all love the decade that will never die (it seems to have made a come back 15 years ago and never actually went away . . . ) so there are ample lists of favorites and hates to share.  Do you agree with any of these?

Me? The Breakfast Club, Tainted Love, side-tie-hypercolor t-shirt with matching plastic hoop earrings (don’t forget the wave).  Done.


2 thoughts on “Surviving the 80’s”

  1. Ok, I feel truly compelled to add a bit here…
    For Worst Fashion Mistakes of the 80’s, I would like to add cropped Tshirts, big oversized white blouses worn with a skinny black tie and a man’s suit vest worn over the shirt, and girls wearing multiple stripes and colors of eye shadow that reached clear to their temples.
    For Best Songs/Videos of the 80’s, let’s not forget Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel, Johnny Are You Queer by Josie Cotton, Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order, Nipple to the Bottle by Grace Jones, Eaten by the Monster of Love by Sparks, Wild Thing by Sister Carol, Here I Am Baby by UB40, Warm Leatherette by Normal, Close by Art of Noise — lordy I could go on and on.
    And finally for Best Movies of the 80’s, I cannot forget Stripes with Bill Murray, Private Benjamin with Goldie Hawn, The Thing with Kurt Russell, Valley Girl with Nicholas Cage, and my personal favorite…Something Wild with Melanie Griffith, Jeff Daniels and Ray Liotta. (Valley Girl and Something Wild also had excellent soundtracks, as did Pretty In Pink.)

    Wheww…that was fun. Hand me my bubblegum margherita.

    1. Pretty in Pink soundtrack was amazing! Blade Runner was a classic too! Oh and Bizarre Love Triangle! Yes! That song has had some of the best covers … between pop and the romantics, the music of the 80’s was just awesome (like, totally). The Wedding Singer did a pretty good job of capturing the tra la la-ness of that decade!

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