Thank Jah for True Artists

Thousands exist, but the true artist who reminded me how special and beautiful that is today . . . Bjork.

She’s worked with some of electronic music’s most revered creators (most notably Thom Yorke of Radiohead who is notoriously picky in his collaborations) and delivered dancefloor jams just as easily as obscure a capella ear candy.  Over the course of 35 years she’s produced some genre-defining albums including:

So what makes an artist an artist?  Is it an ability to express something inherently in them, to offer the world new perspective, controversial subject matter, pure truth, or some variation of it?  Although Bjork has a signature style of singing, the production, context and message conveyed are never predictable.  Maybe a true artist is innovative . . . creates across mediums . . . has the capacity to define or endure (rather than simply ride) trends . . .

Whatever your definition, check out Bjork’s latest video creation, the source of my gratitude today . . .


One thought on “Thank Jah for True Artists”

  1. I absolutely love Bjork. She is one of a kind and to me defines “alternative”. She was also in a group in Iceland from ’86 to ’92 called the Sugar Cubes who were really good.

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