Practicing with the Snow

The first snow of the year fluttered into New York city today, and just outside my window, flakes fluttered in no particular direction before landing on the leaves, branches, cars and sidewalk below.  I’m reminded of the infinite lessons we have to learn from nature . . . being as you are, nothing more, nothing less . . . moving in harmony . . . and suddenly I had a hankering for a chapter in the Tao Te Ching . . .

Fresh white stuff . . . bringing weightlessness and purity to practice.

Having been abroad the last three years, and in San Fran and Tucson just before that, I can’t say I’ve ever practiced yoga with the snow before!  It may’ve dusted a bit in Rishikesh last winter, practicing with Surinder Singh, but there were no windows where we practiced . . . and to see the snow while moving through asana is nothing short of inspiring.

The sequence today turned into an ode to the element of air, vayu in yogic tradition, ki in Japanese/Shinto, qi in Chinese . . . each asan infused with light rejuvenation . . . thank you, snow!  I’m stoked I was indoors practicing for that!


2 thoughts on “Practicing with the Snow”

  1. Having had snow in my life for almost 50 years, I never really appreciated it the way I did when I saw what your wrote about it. You made me see it in a whole new light! Well written!

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