Gratitude Day 21: The Freedom to Vote

Part of the reason I came back  to the States was to exercise my right to vote.  Although an argument can be made that there is very little freedom in our particular voting structure (the electoral college, the fact that the official nationally-televised presidential debates include only *two* of the parties vying for votes, is anyone ever actually free?, etc.) – it’s a lot better than most other options on a global scale.

Do I really believe my vote makes a difference?  I certainly believe the actions I take have an effect (whether impressive or miniscule) on my immediate community.  It’s important to feel heard.  It’s important to be educated on issues that determine the health and welfare of those you love (including yourself!).  It may not be 100% in my control, but the election matters, and especially in light of the issues brought up by the devastation experienced here in NYC, I’m happy to do my part.

So word up, ya’ll!  Get out there and get dem votes happening . . .

(Picture credit: Naomi Rothwell, a new friend here in NYC who’s been working her booty off to get votes for Obama in swing states.  Rock on with your passions, mama, it’s inspirational!)


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