Saturday Ritual Thanks: Love Coffee

My favorite drip coffee in New York *would* come from a bright orange truck with the words “NYC Love Coffee” painted aside a dove and gee-tar.  Pure awesomeness.

Saturday Morning Thankyous go out to the lovely peeps at NYC Love Coffee – whenever I see them there, on my way to lead Hiking Yoga, I pick up a small (translated into rest-of-the-world proportions, this is actually bordering on XL) drip coffee for a mere 2 bucks.  It’s the perfect compliment to the chocolate vegan spelt poundcake from the Bread Alone crew.

Here’s to yummy Saturday mornings (eat ’em while we can – the weather is changing fast!)!

Some of the longest-living communities in the world drink a cuppa joe in the morning and have a glass of vino at night.  Check out the Mayo Clinic’s rundown on America’s favorite breakfast bevvie:

Coffee and health: What does the research say?

from Donald Hensrud, M.D.

Coffee has a long history of being blamed for many ills — from the humorous “It will stunt your growth” to the not-so-humorous claim that it causes heart disease and cancer. But recent research indicates that coffee may not be so bad after all. So which is it — good or bad? The best answer may be that for most people the health benefits outweigh the risks.

Recent studies have generally found no connection between coffee and an increased risk of cancer or heart disease. Why the apparent reversal in the thinking about coffee? Earlier studies didn’t always take into account that known high-risk behaviors, such as smoking and physical inactivity, tended to be more common among heavy coffee drinkers at that time.

However, the research appears to bear out some risks. High consumption of unfiltered coffee is associated with mild elevations in cholesterol levels. And another study found that two or more cups of coffee a day can increase the risk of heart disease in people with a specific — and fairly common — genetic mutation that slows the breakdown of caffeine in the body. So, how quickly you metabolize coffee may affect your health risk.

Newer studies have also shown that coffee may have benefits, such as protecting against Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes and liver cancer. And it has a high content of antioxidants. But this doesn’t mean you should disregard the old maxim “Everything in moderation.” Although coffee may not be very harmful, other beverages such as milk and juice contain nutrients that coffee does not. Also, keep in mind that coffee accompaniments such as cream and sugar add fat and calories to your diet. Finally, heavy caffeine use — on the order of four to seven cups of coffee a day — can cause problems such as restlessness, anxiety, irritability and sleeplessness, particularly in susceptible individuals.


5 thoughts on “Saturday Ritual Thanks: Love Coffee”

  1. I have long heard of connections between coffee and breast cancer, which was one of the reasons I avoided coffee, and now I am hearing that it is not necessarily so and may also be beneficial. Go figure!

    Hey, did you know that the logo of the orange coffee truck is VERY heavily influenced by the New York Woodstock Festival poster of 1969? (Tried to bring a pic of it here but was unsuccessful…)

    Aunty Cin

  2. Left you a comment on the blog but couldn’t bring in an image of the Woodstock poster of ’69 to show the heavy influence of it to your coffee truck’s logo, so I included it here…

    Groovy, baby!

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