Community in the Chaos

For the first time since Sandy hit, I watched a live television program cover the devastation today.  Shoreline communities were completely rocked here in the North East and friends of mine (with children) in Jersey are without hot water or electricity.  To view some live local coverage, WPTV is a good bet.

Until today I’d been following things on the NYTimes’ blog – great for logistical announcements, minus the disturbing footage of amusement parks and homes drowning underwater.  All of the Jersey Shore is pretty much wiped out (I’m going to resist a terrible joke here about the show named after this area, but for the sake of compassion I’ll just let that pass . . . )

What I’m grateful though, in the midst of this chaos, are the communities that are coming together in generosity and kindness.

Two children lost their lives in the neighborhood where Third Root Community Health Center is located – and we’re holding a benefit yoga class for the families this Saturday.  It’s that kind of heartfelt outreach that can turn tragedy into an opportunity for connection and growth.

Adversity is the first path to truth. ~ Lord Byron

My birthday was the first day in this year dedicated to Gratitude, and on that day I was thankful to be alive.  Here in Park Slope, Brooklyn we were lucky, but our neighbors just a few miles closer to the shore in Red Hook are still flooded out.  Traffic this morning was insane, with all subways still down (the worst damage they’ve seen in all 108 years of existence) and buses running on a pretty unpredictable schedule.  All this seems rather trivial compared to the 18 lives that were lost in New York City alone.

Sending lots of love and prayers out there to the millions affected and facing what I hope will be a quick recovery.

Making stress reduction in times like these is a very high priority.  Here are a few helpful sites to help:

Emotional Recovery After a Disaster

Hopeful Thoughts on Hurricane Sandy


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