Hurricane (Sandy) Popcorn – Mmmmmahalo!

Big mahalos to Miss Strider for sending me this onolicious dose of hurricane popcorn – one of my favorite sniggidy snacks from home.  If you don’t have immediate access to a Hawaiian friend that’ll send you this magical ‘lil blend, you can have a whirl at making it yourself:

  • Popcorn
  • Nori (seaweed), cut into tiny wee pieces.  Consider experimenting with Korean or teriyaki flavors.
  • Kaki Mochi (Japanese rice crackers)
  • Heart Attack Sauce (some kinda buttery substance)
  • Salt ‘n sugar to taste

Notice the trees a blowin’ in the hurricane wind out there .  .

Minus the heart-attack butter, popcorn can be a pretty healthy snack.  It’s a whole grain, and if it’s been air popped, it has more antioxidancts than most fruits and vegetables (Daily Mail).  And according to Dr. David Katz of Yale University, though it’s no substitute for our tasty green friends, it could certainly be used to substitute potato chips.  It’s without a doubt one of my favorite  snacks for the soul . . . takes me right back to hittin’ up movies with mama-san 😉


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