Thankyou, Time to do Nada

I can’t exactly be grateful for Hurricane Sandy, that “Frankenstorm” that’s already killed quite a few in its trek toward the US.

But in that unique natural disaster hibernation mode, something akin to an extended Sunday afternoon, I feel totally justified in eating comfort food, watching videos and putzing around the house (at least for a few hours!).

As a yoga teacher, I know it’s imperative we give ourselves time to decompress, to be still, and as often as possible, to meditate.  There are actually quite a few benefits to doing nothing, according to the New Zeland Herald, like clarity and lightness of heart!  Regardless, I still catch myself feeling a little guilty when I let myself do nothing.

Not this afternoon!

I watched a video, “The Perfect Vagina,” free to watch in its entirety on Vimeo.  And no, it’s not as raunchy as it sounds.  Recommended by a friend, the documentary covers an array of topics related to labiaplasty and even hymen replacement surgery (these poor girls, pretending to be virgins for their hubbies!).  Doesn’t sound particularly enticing, I know, but the women’s rights/self image issues made it too important not to watch.

I made fresh market-veggie salsa, nibbled on a dill scone, and made a few long overdue phone calls to friends.

Many thanks, for this rare opportunity to do nothing . . . here’s to hoping Sandy doesn’t cause any more damage.



One thought on “Thankyou, Time to do Nada”

  1. I, too, feel guilty when I do nothing, and I’m glad others feel the same way! But you are right, we all need and deserve time to decompress. Hooray for yoga and meditation!

    Aunty Cindy

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