Laughing Over Demotivation

Positive mantras are powerful mo’ fo’s, don’t get me wrong.  But I shared a hearty few rounds of laughter with a friend of mine last night, as we scrolled through some of these demotivating versions of motivation posters on  What better way to get over your perceived “limiting factor” than laughing about it?

(Well, actually, we learned a brilliant way to at least become aware of it in a Yoga in Action workshop last week.  First you amble around the room naturally.  Then begin to walk and move as if you’re embodying your perceived limiting factor (no money, confidence, time, etc.).  Then begin to walk around as though you’ve conquered the obstacle.  Awareness of where you are in terms of embodying/overcoming limits can be a massively empowering tool.)

So today I’m grateful for demotivation.  Ha!  And the laughter it inspired, of course . . . Here are a few more gems we shared in . . .


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