Yoga in Action

As part of a group of 17 yogis who vibe on service, evolution and joy, I feel truly blessed.  We’re in week two of a seven-week workshop series created by the peeps at Off the Mat into the World, consisting of large-group discussions, pair work, meditations, writing exercises and reading home-fun (;o)).  Several exciting connections are already in the works and it’s always enriching to review visions of a meaningful mindful life.  I’ve been looking for ways to serve in this NY community in the same way I have through Project Surya. Could it be a “Healing Trauma Through Yoga” workshop?  Or, with all the teachers in attendance, maybe something to do with Brooklyn’s youth . . .

One of the biggest challenges posed so far was in narrowing down life goals to just one.  If you could just do one thing and know you’d succeed, what would it be?

Yoga In Action

Yoga in Action is OTM’s grassroots movement that brings the Off the Mat experience to your local area. These 7-week groups are an opportunity to build community around yoga and service, develop relationships with other yogis and activists in your area and collaborate on creating real change.  Leadership for Yoga in Action groups is by application.  Yoga In Action groups and events are independently organized and operated with permission from OTM.

Yoga in Action small groups allow participants to embark on a journey of self-inquiry with the support of a small group of peers that leads to action within our community and outside world. OTM’s vision is to seed these small groups of change in communities to inspire collaboration and connection among our community of yoga activists. Check out the local groups near you!

Here is a list of upcoming local Yoga in Action groups. Sign up for one near you!


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