Happiness Recipe

Everyone wants a big bite of that happiness cupcake (or steak, perhaps a “happiness sandwich”) – but what’s the the magic recipe?

Happiness = Being spun around in circles. That is all. 🙂

Maybe it’s different for everyone.  Large quantities of laughter, loved ones and purpose … a splash of physical exercise, a dash of gustatory hedonism, a touch of exploratory travel… throw it all together and stir fry … or does each ingredient come at a particular stage in the whole process?

Does it require silence while it cools?


After a week with family in Chi Town and friends in the Bay, I’m physically exhausted and emotionally rejuvenated all at the same time.  Inspired yet again by my loved ones, I wanted to post a few articles on the happiness I observed:

  • A Happiness Quiz from Web MD (published today).  You’ll find some interesting points on life-work balance and where America is ranked on the global scale of joyful living.  And within the United States, Hawaii residents may live longest, but which general area do you think is happiest (I know I was surprised by the answer!)?  🙂
Nurturing family bonds = :o)

What does “happiness mean to you?




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