The Matcha Magic

Lo and behold, the simplest recipe for a shake that’ll get your booty groovin’ in the morning.  I like to call it . . .

<drum roll please!>

The Matcha Magic

  • Organic unsweetened soy milk (or some other creamy goodness like Almond or Hemp milk.  I’m Japanese so I really don’t listen to all the back-and-forthing about whether or not soy is good for you.  Everyone’s personal chemistry is unique, so this is definitely a part of my diet!)
  • Organic vanilla extract
  • Avocado
  • Matcha (powdered green tea)
  • Honey or agave or molasses
  • Proportions to taste!  Just throw it in a blender and go . . .

The health benefits of green tea are pretty well known these days, with the majority of solid evidence centering around its high levels antioxidants.  Healthy and delicious, too?  Sounds like an ace way to start the day.


2 thoughts on “The Matcha Magic”

  1. I’ll have to try it, sounds like a yummy recipe. And i definitely like the glass it was served in. Do you believe that was year ago already…our Second City adventure!!!!
    luv Aunty Cindy

    1. That Second City glass is my daily go-to gulp ;o) What a sweet night that was – and the spy comedian who integrated our conversation into his skit later – ? Genius.

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